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Officials of Navizar Hotel Alamout are native and for this reason the main factor in providing services is knowing the region completely.

Navizar Hotel Alamout provides services to domestic and foreign tourists by having expert tour guides, who have full information and know the region and its people and cultures completely. A summary of Navizar Hotel activities is as follows:

The services provided in Navizar Hotel Alamout:

NavizarAlamout Tourist Complex (Navizar Hotel Alamout), as the only hotel in Alamout region and the only official authority and information base for routing, mountain climbing and hiking in Alamout region is ready to provide services as below:

1-      1- Holding various tours for mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing, ecotourism, river hiking, ecology, camping, glacier hiking and summit hiking

2-Holding various tours for mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing, ecotourism, river hiking, ecology (animal habitats), camping, glacier hiking and summit hiking; including all the routes described above or optional routes; with local guides, international guides (English, Persian), supply of provisions, providing maps, climbing insurance.

2-      Transportation of tourists (inter-village roads and narrow paths)

Providing all transportation services in all the above mentioned routes or optional routes along Alamout valley; including: providing safe vehicles from Qazvin to Navizar Hotel Alamout as the main base for tourism and the origin of climbing routes or other villages; and providing horses and mules to carry the loads of tourists.

3-     3-Providing tour leaders and native or international guides

Navizar Hotel Alamout, as Alamout Tourism Base, is ready to provide tour leaders and native or international tour guides. Using many years of experience in mountains of the region, tour leaders and tour guides of Navizar Hotel Alamout are ready to provide the beast services.

4-   4- Accommodations for tourists (hotel, farmhouses), supplies, holding related conferences in Navizar Hotel spaces.

Navizar Hotel Alamout has 11 equipped suites (3-bed and 4-bed suites) with a separate restaurant ready to receive guests and tourists. In addition, this hotel has 5 farmhouses in the village. Farmhouses are suitable for those tourists whowish to try living in a village.


Setting up mount climbing camps and camping in equipped camping areas (including 4 camping areas in the middle of mountains) by Navizar Hotel Alamout in Avatar region and Darband of Garmarud with full equipment, guides and supplies.

Cultural affairs:

In order to introduce Alamout region to the world, Navizar Hotel Alamout is determined to introduce the culture of this region to the world. A summary of cultural activities is as follows:

NavizarAlamout Tourist Complex with the aim of development of cultural purposes in Alamout region has established the Center of Anthropological Studies in Navizar Hotel. By providing information about ecology, anthropology and sociology, this center is trying to introduce culture, art and history of Alamout region. The following are some of the activities of Navizar Hotel:

1-     -Conducting studies on ancient monuments existing in the region

2-     -Anthropological activities and holding folklore rituals and celebration to present these customs

3-     -Studying on history and geography of the region and the climate

4-     -Knowing rural lifestyle and seeing activities of people in the village such as agriculture and stock raising

5-     -Identifying medicinal plants existing in the region



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